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Art & Artists,peter.htm American Art Archives has a number of good examples of Helck's advertising work. Dennis David has a nice fansite showcasing some of Helck's automobile racing paintings.
Sheldon Mayer was a cartoonist and editor at DC Comics and the author of the Sugar and Spike comic books. He was a close friend of the Helcks and for years joined them every Sunday for brunch at the Copake Diner in Copake, NY. Bill Peet wrote and illustrated dozens of children's books and was the animator responsible for many of the classic Disney films. He and Peter Helck were good friends and corresponded frequently. Helck had inscribed copies of most or all of Bill Peet's books and enjoyed reading them to his grandchildren. Car Art, Inc. is an art gallery in California that sells automotive art by living artists. Many of these artists knew Peter Helck and were influenced by his work. The Automotive Fine Arts Society
Philla Barkhorn Peter Helck's granddaughter. Philla is an accomplished portrait artist.
Motoring Art Info is a British website about motoring art with a page devoted to Peter Helck's work.
Automotive Dennis David also has a page with pictures and history about "Old 16", the 1906 Locomobile race car that Helck owned. A really nice website from Holland, featuring old race cars and an occasional painting or drawing by Peter Helck. Peter Helck was a charter member of the Veteran Motor Car Club of America and a frequent contributor to their monthly magazine The Bulb Horn.
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